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General rough notes.

Reflecting on part one as a whole

As part one comes to an end, my painting skills are progressing healthily. I have really enjoyed bringing a breath of colour in to my art work and truly believe that the confidence and knowledge that I have gained so far has been an incredible benefit to my capabilities already.
I have learnt many things on this journey so far, mainly how different paint can appear from wet to dry. I have really enjoyed experiencing the differences in manipulating paint. I have made some mistakes, as well as achieved some really lovely paintings. All of which have both taught me a lesson and inspired me. I am happy with the variety of new skills that I have practised as well as gained.
At first I was a little overwhelmed by the reading material, however my simultaneous course of creative arts today, has encouraged my confidence and also my enjoyment of reading about the creative arts too.
I have also become incredibly inspired by some breathtaking artists who have achieved expressing passions that are similar to my own.
Really excited to see what the future of this courses journey has in store for my growth. 


Personal work and progression notes

Since joining this course, I have started purchasing the artist magazine. This has become a really useful resource for me and is adding to my every growing knowledge. It is a relaxed approach to my collection of reading material, including my academic text books from both my essential reading and recommended reading list. All of which, I am thoroughly enjoying getting my teeth stuck in to.

Update on researching artists etc

I have started a book for my research. After starting to work my way through books, website, finding advertisements for creative arts events, etc I have devoted a book to research that I will be scanning pages from to my learning blog. I have to say I have already fallen in love with some incredible and very inspirational artists. My research, examples and reflections on them and their work are going to be put up steadily throughout this course. I feel this book will be an incredible reference for me and the scanned pages will really complement my blog.

This week: What I have been doing for personal growth and research, aswell as up and coming plans.

Some of my books have started to arrive and I will be working my way through them using the note taking advice on the OCA website. I have chosen some of the recommended further reading books that are listed too. My thoughts and evaluations on them will follow in coming posts. Exciting!
I am also planning to venture out in to the city’s galleries on Saturday to experience some oftheir current exhibitions. I will also be visiting two of Manchester’s art cafe’s that also host amateur film shows and poetry readings etc.
I am currently researching artists at the moment which will also follow.