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Exercise 2: Aerial perspective

For this exercise I reflected the aerial perspective using a very basic landscape composition that I researched for inspiration.

I explored three suggested ways of creating a illusion of receding space using my sketchbook:

Exploiting these three devices were all very effective in their own ways. I then went on to combine all three in order to see whether this was even more successful. I really liked the results and went on to explore this using watercolour, and later on a larger scale using acrylic. I preferred the results of the watercolour. However, I also favoured the mountains of the acrylic in comparison to the watercolour as I chose to separate them with tonal changes even further.

This is a perspective that I wasn’t really in a practice of using. However its a really successful approach to depth.

012 Initial sketches as discussed above.

011 Watercolour painting using all techniques listed above.

DSC_0264 Acrylic painting, following the watercolour study.


Exercise 1: Linear perspective

Using a hard landscape to convey a linear perspective is quite successful. I chose a route that I often take at a point of day where the light wasn’t too overpowering. However at the same time it brought the depth of the streets to life.

Overall I am happy with the success and how well watercolour achieves what I wanted it to. It allowed me to make alterations with more fluidity, especially when trying to achieve accurate lines. Lines were very important to this subject matter which is why I spent time really investigating them before even attempting the painting.

I also spent time using pencil to explore the basic tonal changes within the light too. All of these aided me whilst I was completing the painting itself.

I chose to keep the format relatively small. This surprised me as I usually like to work on a much bigger scale. However this is something that I am going to enjoy doing more in the future as it really suited the content of the piece.

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