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Exercise 1: View from a doorway

For this exercise I spent a great deal of time exploring different viewpoints for varying settings too. My search resulted in a view from a doorway and my decision to keep the content of the interior basic., enough to bring the story alive. However, not enough to take away the main focus of the painting. I chose to actually include the door frame and the main shapes, to draw the view in through the lines of the linear perspective. I wanted to visually take the viewer through the journey in to the garden.

Personally I wanted to create a peaceful mood and a relaxing atmosphere. I used a wash for many of the colours with acrylic in order to bring a similar result to my watercolour study. It created quite a romantic atmosphere. I explored the tonal range initially through my colour studies. This really helped when creating my final piece.

Initial sketches:

section 4 001 001

Taking my chosen viewpoint further:


Watercolour study:


Acrylic painting A4:



Exercise 2: Hard or soft landscape

I enjoyed investigating this subject area. Soft landscapes have recently become an interest and enjoyment that I never knew existed within myself. I have spent time experimenting with different painting methods. I completed a painting using everything but a brush, including sponges, my hands, palette knives, etc. To be honest I really enjoyed the freedom of the oil pastels in my initial study. Trying to translate this through acrylic is something that challenged me. There were good and bad points in my opinion to my final paintings for this coursework. I did enjoy exploring the varies tones available for a single colour (green). I noticed that light really does have a huge part to play in the changes.



The painting below was completed using everything but brushes for purely experimenting: