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Exercise 3: Tonal study

Using a restricted palette (cerulean blue and white) on to a midĀ earth tone wash, I was able to explore the tones created through natural side light on to the human figure.

After exploring the many available positions, I chose the back of the figure. I didn’t want to have to spend time on lots of detail, thus taking the objective away from tonal changes.

After working on the mid tone earth wash, I experimented with one single hue and explored the ranges available through it to convey the tonal figure study. I actually preferred the blue in comparison to my original.

part 3 proj 1 ex 3 001 part 3 proj 1 ex 3 002




Exercise 2: Linear figure study

For this exercise I used one of my previous drawings and spent time working on the linear aspect of the figure.

After preparing the surface to work on I used a pale neutral wash to paint the main outlines. I then blocked out the negative shapes in order to bring a focus on to the depth of what I created. I really love how pale blue complements the natural skin tone so decided to work in it regardingĀ the figure and cloth of the chair for that reason.

I have to say that I preferred my pencil sketches in comparison to my final painting. The results of the painting didn’t feel as natural for me.

part 3 proj 1 ex 1 001

DSC_0172A3 Acrylic on paper.

I have been spending some time using watercolour paints and ink. I really liked and preferred the results on watercolour and creating a linear figure study through them. The proportions were much more successful as was my ability to use the paints to work in the negative shapes. I have to say that I am feeling a lot more comfortable drawing in paint. It is becoming a much more natural process.


Exercise 1: Drawing the human figure

Spending time drawing the human figure was really enjoyable and taught me a lot. It brought fresh challenges such as working quickly, something that isn’t a natural process for me. However, I have to admit that the results were really positive and have made me realise how crucial working in tis way can be to these situations.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a nude model. The human body is something that I have always favoured drawing.

part 3 proj 1 ex 1 001 part 3 proj 1 ex 1 002 part 3 proj 1 ex 1 003 part 3 proj 1 ex 1 004 part 3 proj 1 ex 1 005