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Exercise 2: Simple perspective in interior studies

A3, Acrylic, from direct observation.

I am really happy with how successfully I feel that I have created the illusion of space through both my sketches and painting. I spent some time sketching interiors (examples can be found in exercise 1). I felt that the view from my daughters bedroom was a suitable was of expressing space and depth.

Drawing directly in paint, I used a neutral colour and then added my colours. I kept the palette very limited and wanted to emotionally express warmth, especially in my daughters bedroom and through the bathroom in the distance. I found that changing the tones was a key way of adding to the illusion of space.

This was a really helpful and educating experience, one that I have most definitely learnt a lot from. I do feel however that I could of muted the colours even further to explore the palettes of the Dutch painters that I have been researching. I am happy with how much I explored the options of such few colours though.

t.p.o.p proj interiors ex 2 001 t.p.o.p proj interiors ex 2 part 2 001