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Exercise 3: Still life with natural objects

A4, Acrylic and from observation.

I experimented greatly with my two peppers. I knew from once I had started sketching them and creating a colour investigation with the richness of oil pastels, that I wanted to use my handmade viewfinder to zoom in for a closer analysis when it was to come to my final piece. I felt that through a closer look, I was able to express the pepper. Even though the main body of the pepper was a solid colour, it really wasn’t one simple hue. There was so much going on in terms of lights reflection, lines, changes in tone, etc.

I’m quite pleased with the finished result of this painting. In comparison to my earlier still life’s, I am pleased with how my perspective, as well as my skill base is progressing and in deed growing. I am really happy with how much risk taking can teach me and expand my capabilities.

I have definitely learnt the importance of experimenting with a closer look, in order to achieve a better expression of what I want to achieve and indeed bringing out more of the subjects character.

t.p.o.p proj still life ex 3 001



Exercise 2: Still life with flowers

Portrait, Acrylic on paper, directly from observation and A3

Drawing flowers and painting flowers are very different experiences for me. It has been through this painting, I have allowed myself a greater freedom with my painting, in comparison to my drawing. I enjoyed expressing what I was seeing, as well as celebrating the colours.

I spent some time piecing together the flowers to create lines, hues and contrasts that I felt to be aesthetically pleasing.

I love including flowers in a still life after discovering and becoming very fascinated by vanitas paintings. I appreciate the privilege of capturing the essence of a life within time. I would like to spend some time expressing the same flowers once they have dies. Maybe for my assignment? Similar to artists such as Damian Hurst or other artists who display decaying animals.

My basic composition studies allowed me to experiment with how I was going to create depth, as the piece of cloth, under my subject, took away the linear perspective. With a little experimentation, I added the change of tone from the table, I created a greater depth. I used a tertiary colour for the cloth, as well as my purple wall as a background, in order to enhance the yellow Hues of the main flowers. Using my ever growing knowledge of colour, I brareought out the vibrancy of the yellow with it’s complementary colour. The richness of the yellow was really confronted.

I have to say that I enjoyed investigating the vase with many different tones and really experimenting with different greens, etc and the way that I could bring depth and character.

Through doing this exercise with a limited pallet when it came to the subject, in terms of my choice of colours, I was able to show myself how vital changes in tonal values express light sources.

I blocked out the areas of colour before adding lines and tonal ranges, some areas when the paint beneath was dry, where others wet. For the white flowers with flecks of green outlining it’s petals I used dabs of the larger, thinner brush ends.

I decided not to work on top of the background colour to release the freedom in the paints flow.

t.p.o.p. proj still life ex 2 001 t.p.o.p proj still life ex 2 part 2 001 t.p.o.p proj still life ex 2 part 3 001

still life with flowers


Exercise 1: Drawing in paint

Landscape, A3, Acrylic Paints and from direct observations.

I began by looking around the house for a group of objects. I wanted ones not too complex, however instead were able to convey multiple changes in tone as well as shapes that would work with each other. This took a little longer than expected at first. After over thinking and investigating many compositions of objects, I sat back, took a breath and looked again with fresh perspective.

I felt that the simply formed collection of objects had beautiful changes in hue and contrasts. They are all also very self expressive of one of my enjoyments. I’m really enjoying expressing “me” through my art.

I spent some time working in my sketchbook identifying the different lines and through the angles of the table especially, I was able to create the linear perspective with a greater emphasis.

For this piece of work, I drew in paint, with a diluted neutral tone, when it came to my preparation for painting my final piece before adding colour. I found this more challenging than drawing in charcoal, however it does create an interesting halo around subjects. I later went back with a darker tone in some of the areas to create depth and a noticeable difference between light and shade.

This whole piece was more of a challenge than I realised, especially when it come to maintaining the lines once I began to add colour. I felt a little bit more restricted during this piece. However, I progressively added myself to this technique.

Overall, I have valued this exercise greatly, not only has it opened me up to new possibilities, but it has allowed me to appreciate the linear perspective of a composition, as well as ways of expressing it through 2D.

t.p.o.p proj still life ex1 001 t.p.o.p proj still life ex 1 part2 001