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Assignment 3 re-done and reflection:

After receiving my tutors feedback, I definitely agree that I needed to re-do it. Here are some of the reasons for my choices:

  • I agree with my tutor that the background and the subject appeared to be on the same plain. I really was excited by the palette knife, however after really spending time investigating and exploring my options, as well as background as a subject, I decided to use a complementary subject. This created a brilliant depth and really complemented the portrait itself.
  • I researched skin tone and visited local art shops, discovering a brilliant colour of acrylic paint.
  • As suggested I spent more time achieving a more natural change in tone. Whilst at the same time keep maintaining bold strong contemporary effects.
  • In one of my textbooks Vitamin P, I came across an acrylic on canvas painting “Untitled (what is it about…) 2001, 120×110 cm, Marcus Muntean b.Graz 1962. This equality between the background and the subject inspired me greatly, as well as the content of the background.

Overall I am much more pleased with the results of this painting in comparison to the first. However, I still feel that I achieved a much more realistic eye through my watercolour studies, in comparison to the acrylic. I definitely prefer the background as it has brought depth and moved figure forward. I also prefer the skin tone. I have learnt a lot from this assignment and there are so many areas still to grow from greatly.

Earlier investigations working on my tutor feedback:


Reflecting on Part 3 as a whole

What an exciting rollercoaster this section has taken me on. It has pushed me to new levels and brought so much out of me creatively. I have discovered so much about the direction that my work is going towards and how to really feel my work. I have taken so much from this journey so far and can only imagine what I will do in the future. Exciting!

I have to admit that the simplicity of painting styles is where my strengths are. The detail of exactly what I am seeing isn’t where my passions lie. Instead expressing what I am feeling is more important to me. Modern impressionism has blown me away with beauty and I am enjoying exploring and experimenting with it through my own work. I am appreciating colour greatly and how to use it to my advantage. Experiment with the effect that colours have with each other and how we perceive it is leading to endless experimentation.

Overall a fantastic part to this course and I am so excited to continue.

Assignment 3:

For this piece I chose to take an earlier piece of coursework further, I knew that I could do better and wanted to take what I had learnt further and on a larger scale. The results were really positive.

I am so excited by the results of palette knives. For some time I have been studying the work of artists such as Charmaine Olivia, etc. Also experimenting with using flowers and their colours in the background of portraits and figure studies. I have been drawing basic colourful flowers and positioning them at the side of or around portrait drawings. The response that the human face/ figure has to the bright colours really appeals to me. I wanted to achieve their effect however, it wasn’t feeling right. I wanted expressive colours in the background, however, was unsure on how to convey this in a way that wasn’t so overpowering. Then through the fun of experimentation, I found the perfect and exciting answer, I really couldn’t be happier. The contrast between the stunning effects from palette knives, in contrast to varied obvious brush strokes within the subject.

I also spent a lot more time developing the colours that I was going to use in order to get them the way that I wanted. I wasn’t afraid to use obvious contrasts in tone in order to achieve what I wanted to. Mixing the paint with palette knives brought amazing results in terms of continuity in the paints colour.

assignment 3 sketch 001 A study of different parts of the face.

assign 3 sketch 003 A drawing of my portrait photographed.

assign 3 sketch 001

DSC_0155 An earlier piece of course work that I wanted to take further.

part 3 proj 2 ex 1 001 My favoured sketch that I worked from.

My final piece (A2 Acrylic paint on prepared paper):

DSC_0144 DSC_0146

A close up on the effects of the palette knife:


Overall I am really pleased with the results of this assignment and the process that it has taken me through. I have learnt a lot about what I enjoy and the direction that my work is going in. I have also gained an ever growing understanding of how important experimentation is as well as trialling the final piece before moving on to a final piece. Colour studies are also crucial to the process. Overall I am loving painting more than a realistic picture, instead feeling what I am painting and then expressing what I am feeling.

There were technical issues with the palette knife especially. Such as getting close to the subject with the paint, however, this has its aesthetically pleasing advantages too. I also decided to use the palette knife to bring to life the clothes too. I chose pale blue and yellow as they really complement the skin tone and each other. I wanted to achieve a positive bright emotional reflection.

Something that I am learning to appreciate is the results of feeling what I am painting instead of over analysing every brush stroke, the freer that I feel, the happier that I am with the results of my work. I have to admit that everything about this piece expressed exactly what I was feeling and what I wanted to achieve.