Gallery trips Summer 2015

Gallery Trip Summer 2015

Landscape exhibition at Contemporary Six The Gallery, Manchester.

There is currently a hard and soft landscape. To one side of the small gallery space is the soft landscape paintings and to the other hard landscapes. Both bouncing off of each other whist complementing at the same time. I like that gallery attempts to show so many pieces at once, whist remaining separate from each other and not cluttered. The gallery itself becomes a piece of art work in the process in my opinion.

Some of the artists whose work inspired me and appealed to me in particular (that when I home I spent time researching as there was no information accompanying the pieces) are as follows (the current main exhibition, as well as other artists whose work are on display to):

The exhibition of Cityscapes/Wordscapes

Artist Colin Taylor in collaboration with poet Anthony Rowland

Combining the landscapes paintings of Colin Taylor with the poems of Rowland. A really interesting collaboration with brilliant results. His paintings complement the poetry beautifully.

Inspired by the city of Manchester’s skyline he completed this series of paintings.

I was intrigued by this collaboration especially considering the pathway of the degree I have embarked on. Bothe creative felt the other form of expression complemented as well as enhanced their work and what they wanted to say.

The paintings work well with each other and bring a story to life. The abstract paintings built up with obvious, textured and bold, confident brushstrokes. He confidently makes decisions without fuss over detail, instead strong decisions. All fairly work together and flow in to each other through their colours. It was inspiring to experience modern contemporary hard landscapes in such a way.


Rob Wilson

Influenced by his history with graphic design and illustration as well as inspired by his inspiration from the North Wests dramatic architecture and its moody landscapes. He creates unique abstract pieces containing typeface and stitching sitting to the side of traditional media.

He uses a method that combines paint and print. To do this he uses a variety of printed matter such as pages from programmes, brochures and leaflets, vogue sewing patters, etc. (all often relating to the subject of painting). Paint builds the pieces up with layers and texture. Then adding the printed matter as well as tissue paper. Wilson goes on to add lines of machine stitch to literally bring the painting to life.

Quoted so say “I usually work from photos. If the piece has been commissioned I would wait for the right light before taking the photos. I like strong light as it brings out the contrast of a building’s architecture. I’m also very particular about the angle of the photo and like to have foreground interest (usually people) as it provides perspective to the scene and also gives the building a sense of purpose or context.

From this I produce a very quick line drawing on to canvas using watercolour pencil crayons. This becomes the rough layout for the painting and introduces pace and movement to the painting right at the start. I water down the pencil drawing using diluted glue before laying on the trademark dress patterns. Once dry I often use a wash of acrylic inks to start adding large areas of tone. I then use acrylic paint to define the areas of intense light and shade before adding cut sections of news print and leaflets which are often relevant to the subject.  After more layers of print I finish with subtle wash of watercolour to fine tune the tones. Then the piece is ready for stitching. This stage is very important as it literally ties together various elements of the painting, without which the painting feels unresolved.”

Mathew Bourne

His landscapes are absolutely incredible in terms of texture through paint application. I absolutely love the lively, excited movement created by the artists signature moves with the paint. The content creates quite a dreamlike feeling. Everything about this artists landscapes really appeal to me. They remind me of the experimenting that I myself have been enjoying exploring with pallet knives.

References for information and quotes:


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