Assignment 4

For this assignment I used my collective knowledge from this section to produce a soft landscape painting using a photograph that I came across. I investigated this subject using techniques uncovered earlier in tis section by completing separate sketches of line, tone and colour. I found that this really helped me achieve the best from what I was seeing. It also helped me record what I was seeing allowing me to put my own style in to the final piece. I wanted to work as suggested by my tutor, in a much brighter and lighter way. I also want to explore the colours and paint capabilities to a greater degree..

I really enjoyed this assignment, in fact out of all my paintings from this section, in my opinion this was my most successful. There were many artists whose work had previously inspired me before undertaking this section such as Corinne Natel. However, I am surprised how different a direction my work went in than originally planned. I am going to continue working on learning the way that Natel and other preferred landscape artists work, in order for me to grow in a way that I particularly favour.

I feel that there were definite more successful parts to this painting than others. One that fits in to both category’s is my brush marks. I am definitely exploring greatly and in some ways successful, how to use them to my advantage. I am experimenting greatly with their effects and enjoying the results greatly. I still really like the obvious less fuss and playful strokes that have been mentioned in earlier areas.

I have learnt one huge lesson, not to settle. Instead to keep re-working until I am happy. I was going to use an entirely different subject and painting. However, I was not happy and went back and changed everything. I am much happier.

Next time I will definitely explore a focus on a single tree and its leaves. Possible more of a contemporary emotionally expressive piece. Similar to those that I came across in my research.

I have collectively put all the theory in to practice through this painting. Especially the linear perspective.

I can definitely take what I have learnt from changes in tone and light forward with my throughout all of my OCA journey It has not only made me better at a skill but it has challenged my to enjoy a subject I had otherwise would of been quick to dismiss.

My final painting, Acrylic on A3 paper:

DSC_0254 DSC_0256 DSC_0257 DSC_0258 DSC_0259

Preliminary sketches, investigations and experimenting:

001 001

002 001


I have discovered that landscapes are very personal and what is truly beautiful to one, may not be to another. I explored view point greatly during this entire section and came across some truly beautiful paintings by well known artists. I have to admit, the more that I came across, the more that I realised I have favourable taste. I do definitely prefer contemporary approaches to landscape paintings. However, I really wanted to challenge myself though this piece to explore light and tonal range, as well as the linear perspective. This particular subject allowed me to explore this greatly and learn a lot in the process too. I found a lot of inspiration from other artists work, mainly expressive landscape painters such as Paul Nash who’s trees showed be other more expressive possibilities for my own work.


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