Assignment 3 re-done and reflection:

After receiving my tutors feedback, I definitely agree that I needed to re-do it. Here are some of the reasons for my choices:

  • I agree with my tutor that the background and the subject appeared to be on the same plain. I really was excited by the palette knife, however after really spending time investigating and exploring my options, as well as background as a subject, I decided to use a complementary subject. This created a brilliant depth and really complemented the portrait itself.
  • I researched skin tone and visited local art shops, discovering a brilliant colour of acrylic paint.
  • As suggested I spent more time achieving a more natural change in tone. Whilst at the same time keep maintaining bold strong contemporary¬†effects.
  • In one of my textbooks Vitamin P, I came across an acrylic on canvas painting “Untitled (what is it about…) 2001, 120×110 cm, Marcus Muntean b.Graz 1962. This equality between the background and the subject inspired me greatly, as well as the content of the background.

Overall I am much more pleased with the results of this painting in comparison to the first. However, I still feel that I achieved a much more realistic eye through my watercolour studies, in comparison to the acrylic. I definitely prefer the background as it has brought depth and moved figure forward. I also prefer the skin tone. I have learnt a lot from this assignment and there are so many areas still to grow from greatly.

Earlier investigations working on my tutor feedback:


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