Exercise 1: Tonally graded wash

For this exercise I used ultramarine and cerulean. Initially I found this quite challenging to achieve a continuous lightening in tone. I challenged myself to be less strict and found better results.
This exercise is definitely one that requires plenty of practice. Once I achieved it I became really happy and excited by its results.

tpop p2 e1 001 tpop p2 e1 b 001

Regarding my above work: These aren’t the best ones as I used them for other stages of this project. I don’t particularly like that I didn’t go as light as I would of liked to on the lighter tone, however I am pleased with the smoother transition between the shades of colour, which is why I included it. I would of liked to fade to completely transparent.

With regards to the darker colour, I am surprisingly comfortable with the lines, etc. It gave me an opportunity to experience the possibilities of this technique for me to take in to my work.

Moving on to working wet-in-wet, I found the results really pleasing too. Thankfully the paper that I had used is suitable for water Based paints, this made a huge difference and was incredibly durable to the layers.

tpop p2 e2 wet in wet dark first 001
The results of this were really pleasing. The two colours and their many tones seemed to play on the page. This reminded me of the way that the light dances with the water on a river.
Recently I went out with my camera and sketch book. I wanted to capture details of natural landscapes for me to refer to in future work. I became fascinated by reflections and light. I am captivated with their effects on surfaces and how they manipulate what I can see. I feel that this exercise is really going to help me achieve some of these through my panting.


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