Student Profile

My name is Kerry, I am 28 and live in Manchester with my husband, two children and our dog. I am starting the creative arts pathway at a full time rate and starting with both the Creative Arts today and The Practice of Painting courses.

For as long as I can remember, I have held a huge passion and love of art. I feel like it has often been the only way of expressing an otherwise hidden voice. Through high school, I would say that my skills base began to grow, along with an ever growing need for artistic expression in my life. I left school with some awards and an A* in Art, A in Graphic design, English, etc. Following this period, life threw some little challenges my way and (with the exception of the odd life drawing class, workshop, etc.) my academic training in the creative arts stopped there. I have however continued with drawing, painting, writing and photography as my hobbies since then. I started studying with the OCA a couple of years ago. However, shortly after starting, I found out I was having my beautiful daughter and left to focus on being a mum again.

With regards to my passions and what I enjoy, I am a big lover of humanitarian artist’s and have a huge passion for Christian art too. These are usually the inspirations of my work and the direction that I would love to go in in the future. I would also like to explore these more throughout my studying. I would say that I currently enjoy drawing portraits and working through a more realistic approach. I enjoy working in black and white but really want to explore colour and experiment with different mediums and generally widen my skills base. I am really hoping that from these courses, that I become more confident stepping out of my comfort zone.

I am hoping to constantly grow through this course as an artist. I would say that I am definitely excited to have the opportunity to have a real focus on my artistic voice again and being able to be dedicated to this adventure and looking forward to starting.

My work has not arrived yet, however I have been becoming familiar with the website and working through the reccomended course before I start. This has surprised me how beneficial it has been to lifting some of my overwhelmed feeling.

I look forward to hearing from my tutor and really appreciate all of their current and future support, that I am sure will help me to grow as I progress. I have looked at their biography and it sounds like they have had an incredible journey so far and a really inspirational one.



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